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In January 2007, we updated our web site and added 200 more panoramas!!!!

These panoramas were taken by me (James "Newt" Perdue) as I travel around the country in our RV full-time. The opportunity to share these beautiful scenes in a unique format is what inspires me to continue. Although they are not all "fine art", many are close, and the uniqueness of the format may persuade you to purchase a scene or two of your favorite locations. Compared to most such art available, the price should be right for you.

Most have been taken using a state of the art Canon 1Ds digital camera. Each image (sometimes up to 30 images) that makes up every panorama is over 11 million pixels in size. Some of the largest images are almost 30,000 pixels wide. See a "close up" representing the actual resolution of a typical panorama. This example is the left end of "Wizard Island" in the image above. Special software (PhotoShop and PTGui) is used to "stitch" and "blend" the images to make one large (and long) image. This gives one a great sense of "being there".

Printing is done by a company in Georgia that specializes in printing 6" and 12" wide panoramas. They are mailed directly to you.

Currently, we do not offer mounting or framing, but we are looking into providing either names and links to those that will, or a service to offer it ourselves. Some of the panoramas will fit (after some judicious trimming) into Michaels 36" frames. You can order a panorama that is from 36" to 50" and trim the edges to fit. (Or smaller with a mat.) These are nice frames that are pretty inexpensive.

Our SCREENSAVER is a great way to sample these panoramas without spending much. For $18, plus $2.50 shipping, you can have every one of them pan across your screen in medium resolution (compared to printing). Just close this window and click on the SCREENSAVER menu item in our Panorama store. SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICE is $10 plus $2.50.

You can pay with your credit card through PayPal using our on-line store.

NOTE: currently the viewer in our Panorama store does NOT display the full panorama horizontally if it is over a certain length. Usually the right side of the display is truncated. This is due to a limit in the Flash program we use to display them. They are displayed properly in the Screensaver and, of course, the entire stated length is printed.

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