Canon EOS-1 Ds

I'm now the proud owner of a EOS-1 Ds digital camera. I've created this page to share some of the great digital images this camera makes. Here's a short list of the pro's and con's: (I'll add or change this list as I get more experience with the camera.) I'm for hire with this camera. Have Digital Camera, will Travel (have RV). (Email me at perdue @

Pros Cons
Incredible Sharpness Heavy, esp. with zoom lens
Color rendition is great.


Printing resolution at 8.5 x 11 is fantastic LCD Display is hard to see in daylight
Flash color and exposure is good. No preview prior to taking the picture.
Can't scan a 35mm negative and get this quality, merely an opinion.  
TTL viewfinder is bright and wide.  

The image size of the FINE quality JPEG is between 2.0 and 5 megapixels. Here's a reduced size and lower quality jpeg I created from the original in Photoshop. Click on the image to view the original 4064 x 2704 pixel image. (about 3.4 mbytes). Of course, the RAW mode is uncompressed any is about 40 MBytes.

Lower Falls Yellowstone Canyon, June 29th, 2003 (Copyright, James Perdue)

Other images. Careful, they are large!

Lower Yellowstone River Falls, Brink. Copyright James Perdue

Here's a reduced version of the Brink of the Lower Falls. It was reduced (not cropped) from the original full size image. Click on the image to see a cropped portion of the image in the original size. (This was FINE, not RAW resolution.) Lens was 28mm - 135mm Canon ES IS USM at 135mm.

One of the falls on the Big Sioux River, Sioux Falls, SD

This is also a reduced (in resolution) image. Click on the image to see a portion of the image at full resolution. I used a 4X Neutral Density filter to allow me to stop the shutter to about 1/10 second, thus the blurred water.

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