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Image Who Where and When
Donna In Silent Valley, Nov 2003
Donna Gliding in deserted F section at Silent Valley RV Park in California was a great way to practise the Segway and glide with Reggie.
Brian In Clearlake, October visit, 2003.
Lori Donna's daughter, Lori, in Clearlake, October visit, 2003.
Cuz Sharon In Merced, October Visit, 2003.
Newt and Reggie I sometimes take Reggie on a walk using the leash. It's a bit tricky to avoid running over the leash as he wanders to the opposite side to sniff a new smell. He does behave differently when in this "configuration", and does very well.
Reggie plays dead Reggie is demonstrating that legislators should consider what these monster machines could do to innocent dogs on the sidewalk.
Newt plays Nerd Newt demonstrates why everyone thinks riding a Segway is Nerdy. Or.. the threat of aggressive Segway riding.
Steve Wozinak lectures on the finer points of Segway soccer. Steve Wozinak (co-founder of Apple Computer) at SegFest 2005 at Dean Kamens house plays soccer. I didn't get up the nerve to play.
Newt gets first lesson on Centaur at Segway. I had about 5 minutes to learn the Centaur. It was harder than the Segway HT, esp. the transition between 4 wheel mode and 2 wheel mode. This will be a great toy for some people, but I prefer the HT.1
iBot, wheelchair that climbs stairs and balances on 2 wheels The iBot was the "father" of the Segway. Fantastic wheelchair elevates to allow riders to see "eye-to-eye" with "normal" people and climbs stairs. Dean Kamen, DEKA, invention. Saw demonstration at SegFest 2005 in Bedford, NH.
Dean Kamen at his home in Bedford, NH. I got to meet the inventor of the Segway, Dean Kamen. Nice, personable guy.
Soccer playing at Dean Kamen's House with Segway. This picture proves you can be Smart (she was in the FIRST team competition where she first met Dean Kamen, she is an engineering major in college), Pretty (speaks for itself), and Young and still be a Segway rider. Click here to see the whole field on Segways.
Segway and disabilities. People with disabilities can use the Segway, if they have the right disability. This man gets around better than I do and he has no legs. He has an amazing attitude and can hop from a chair to the segway faster than I can get on and off of it. I've talked to a lot of people who would have been given a second lease on life with the mobility of the Segway. Right On!
My college roomate, Jim McElroy tries out my Segway in New Hampshire. We visited my college roomate after too many years near his home in New Hampshire. He and his wife Janet tried out the Segway. They caught on quickly.
Elaina Skye Jocelyn Mitchell on my Segway We visited a friend of ours we met in Idaho at her home in Maine. We took her to the beach and let her ride the Segway. She's the youngest ever to ride my Segway. She loved it.
Segway carrier on my RV When my wife takes the car and heads off away from our RV, I still have some local transportation. My Segway carrier fits nicely on the back of the RV.
Segway on the Moon I thought NASA should consider using the All-Terrain Segway on the Moon instead of that expensive moon buggy. This is my idea of how it would look.
Kevin on Segway
  Kevin Doxstater learns to ride the Segway at the Red Rock RV Park. Kevin's a professional nature photographer touring the country in his RV. He has a great web site.

Trash pickup along Henry's Lake

We stay at Henry's Lake (Red Rock RV Park) every summer. I do trash pickup. Here Reggie and I are going along the shore with the Segway.

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