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We've used this one too with success. Keeps water in and has a removable top for easy cleaning.

No Spill Pet Bowl

For big rigs, you'll probably have room for this deluxe Cat Litter box. If you have the floor space, you can still pile things on top of it.

Litter Box Enclosure by Miller's Cats


32"L x 19"W x 19"H.

Get a litter pan to go with it: ExquisiCat Litter Pans

and the liners:

ExquisiCat Large Liners 40 ct Valuepack

Non-breakable litter scoop with easy to hold handle.

DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop

Make sure you have a place for kitty to sratch besides the walls, carpet or drapes

Mr. Spats Scratch-R-Cizer

A relaxing hideout for your cat. Wicker Cat Bed features two sleeping areas: a secluded nest on the bottom where kitty can disappear into the security of her own den and a top bunk where she can bask in the sun from a nearby window. Includes a brown, plump, fuzzy pillow for her to curl up on for added comfort.
Measures 17"W x 14"D x 13"H.

Companion Road Wicker Cat Bed

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