Calculated Beauty, a journey through Mandelbrot space...


Calculated Beauty was my first attempt at an interactive CD-ROM. It was a fun CD, meant for artists who loved computer generated art, and amateur mathematicians and scientists who liked exploring the mysteries of this simple yet exotic equation discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot. It was created when computers were still slow (1 mhz) and thus computing complicated formulas like the Mandelbrot equation was extremely time consuming. I computed several large mosaics of fractals over 6 months of time and stored the "counts" in a database on the CD-ROM. I wrote the large program in 'c' for the Macintosh (using the Macintosh toolbox!) to manipulate, colorize, sound, print and display these beautiful fractal images. Although by commercial standards the sales were poor, I got some press in national magazines and sold over a thousand of these over time. (For the Macintosh only.)


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