Multimedia Dogs and Cats, Inroads Interactive


Multimedia Dogs and Cats was my first contract work in multimedia. Inroads Interactive had done a series of CD's featuring Dogs and Cats, with images, video, sounds, and text. They wanted to distribute them worldwide in the language of the country. Since most of the CD art was in Photoshop, they needed someone to redo all the screens and text in the target languages. Luckily, the foreign distributors provided the translation, but I had to redo pretty much every screen and text box in the CDs. The languages were French, Italian, Portuguese and German. (That was 8 CD's worth.) The program was Director again and I spent about 6 months part-time on this project. The most difficult part of the project was working with the foreign distributors, each with their own (characteristic) requirements.


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Screen image Copyright, Inroads Interactive and their successors