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If you are an RVer, NETFLIX is perfect to get first Run or Classic Movies delivered on DVD direct to your RV.
Netflix, Inc.

How the RVGuys (Newt and Donna Perdue) use Netflix while full-time RVing:

At first I was skeptical about using a service that relied on the US Postal Service to deliver DVDs to our RV. Especially since we move around and have no permanent address. We don't move every day, but we do move as often as weekly, or every other week at times. So, what's so great about using Netflix as an RVer?

The efficiency of this service is overwhelming to me. I have been a member for about 8 months now and rented probably close to one hundred movies. We select a movie on-line from (using our satellite Internet service), prioritize it in their EXTREMELY EASY TO USE queue (actually 3 movies since I have the 3 movies at once plan), and make sure that my address is current for the place I'm staying. This is easy as entering your new address in 3 boxes! If the RV Park doesn't accept mail, I use the GENERAL DELIVERY of the closest post office. (I find this address on the web easily.)

In 95% of the cases, the 3 movies arrive the NEXT day. (Occasionally you'll have to wait another day or so if you order a rare DVD that is only in a different Netflix area. DVDs are normally shipped to you from their closest distribution center of which there are many across the USA) You watch them as quickly or slowly as you like (it doesn't matter how long you keep them as long as you don't have more than 3 out at a time, or whichever number is right for your selected plan (up to 4)). You use the same envelope they were mailed in to return them. Postage is already paid, all you have to do is find the place at the RV Park for outgoing mail and make sure they are in place before the mail person arrives. You don't even have to tape or lick the envelope to close it. It's a self adhesive pull strip.

In almost every case, the movies arrive back at Netflix the next day before 7 AM. They actually send you email and let you know they've been received. Then they take the next (3) movies from your queue and send them out same day (if possible). They then send you email notifying they have been sent. You can always go to the web site to see the current status of all of this.

Once in 8 months I had one movie arrive broken. (They don't come in cases, just flimsy paper envelopes, so you wonder why more aren't broken.) If you get one broken, go to your account, check the "arrived and broken" box and they send you another immediately. You just send the broken one back in the same envelope. No charges. All is forgiven and no questions asked. If one is lost in the mail, let them know. (This hasn't happened to me yet, so I don't know what happens exactly.)

I did talk to a postal employee about this and he said that the Post Office treats Netflix special. There is a special box in every post office labeled Netflix and they put them in there. They all get sent together in a large protective bag each evening and arrive at the local post office early in the morning. They then get picked up immediately and processed. Everything is computerized and is very efficient!

Once you know where you are going to be in your travels, just change your address and the movies will come to your new location. IF you happen to be traveling a lot for a period with no fixed address known, you can go on-line and suspend your account up to 90 days. No movies will be shipped from your queue until you take your account off suspend. There is no limit to the number of times you can do it.

Worst case, and a movie arrives after you have left, just instruction the RV Park to send them back to sender. (Writing "refused" or "not at this address" on the envelope will do.) Just check your account the next day to make sure they arrived back at Netflix and make sure you've changed your address or suspended your account.

Finally, the best thing I like about Netflix is the variety of DVD's available. I like the TV series, the documentaries (especially musicals) and classic movies. Things you rarely see on TV. You'll like something else. They give you suggestions for movies that reflect your tastes. (They ask you to rate as many movies that you've already seen in the past as you are willing to do and they take your preferences from there.)

For the first run popular movies, you'll have to wait some time to receive them. Once the mini-series John Adams was released I had to wait about 2 weeks before I could see it. In my queue it said, LONG WAIT. But meanwhile, they skip any currently unavailable movies and send ones that are next in the queue until your popular movie becomes available. So you continue to watch movies while waiting for the new one. Not a problem for me.

In case you are wondering, if you are interested in a series or a multi-DVD set, you have to order each DVD in the set separately. So you'll take 3 turnarounds to see the complete 3 DVD set. But no problem. You can't watch 600 minutes overnight anyway! (I guess in a long night you could.)

So, for about $17 per month I get a huge selection of movies that I can watch while on the road with almost no inconvenience. Of course the plans start at $4.95 a month and up, so choose the plan that fits your budget.

Oh, one other feature that I can't use often, but some of you might be able to use it. You can watch a good number of their movies on-line and with no limit (for most plans) or additional cost. The hooker for me is that my DirectWay satellite service limits the amount of bandwidth you can use in a day and the gigabyte movies just aren't possible for me. I'd also not use an RV Parks free wi-fi since most are sharing a very limited bandwidth and you might impact the entire park, and be thrown off. But if you have a bandwidth unlimited service available, being able to watch a movie on-line is great. I did do this once by taking my Macintosh Laptop to a friends house and watching it over his cable Internet. It works on both Mac and PC platforms.

So, if you are convinced, and want to try the service for 14 days free, just click on the big ad above and I get a couple dollars for you trying this neat service. God knows I need it!

Thanks for listening. If you have any questions about our use of Netflix in the RV, contact me.

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