RV-ROM, an RV marketing tool for dealers

Prototype 2000

I started a company (RV Interactive Marketing) to market computer and marketing skills to RV dealers. The first product was the RV-ROM. This interactive CD-ROM and Shockwave web module was designed to allow a dealer to customize it for the products that they sell. The CD-ROM contained a catalog of motorhomes, their specifications, images, and for some 360 degree panoramas within the RV that allowed for a virtual tour. (See below). Additional information on RVing, including destination information, products available, how to use the RV, etc was included. The program was written in Director using LINGO extensively. Photoshop, and Apple's Quicktime VR imaging technology was also used. A prototype was developed but the company never sold a commercial product. (Most RV Dealers were not willing to spend money on a computer product to market their RVs.)

(Drag your mouse in the window below to see 360 degree panorama inside the RV.)


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Screen image Copyright, James N Perdue