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Follow the travels of the RVGuys in their RV or Alfa Motorhome through the United States while photographing wildlife (birds (herons, oak titmouse, blue jays, egrets, hawks, eagles, sparrows, finches, grosbeck) , elk, moose, wolves, coyotes, bears, etc), and nature (rivers, lakes, canyons, plains, trees, wildflowers (like paint brush, sego lilys, sticky geraniums, daisy, lupine), flowers, cactus). The RVGuys live on the road full-time (full timers) in their RV using their MotoSat (Datastorm) satellite internet antenna to communicate with their friends, family and work. Donna, Newt and Reggie enjoy this nomadic lifestyle of RVing. Their children, Damon, Nicole, Genevieve (Genny), Lori, Brian accept their doting old age dream. Newt uses his Canon 1DS camera and Canon telephoto lenses (Canon 500mm is l) to photograph the wonders of the country and creates large panoramas (panoramic images) for sale as prints or as a screensaver. Newt sells his images on Smugmug ( These images include those of national parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, Bryce, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Olympic National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife refuge, Grand Canyon, Toroweap Overlook, Lake Powell, Big Bend National Park, Everglades and many others. The favorite states they visit include California, Arizona, Idaho, Utah and others. They enjoy the RedRock RV Park near Island Park, Idaho and the Silent Valley RV Resort parks near Banning, CA most. Also visit their web page at We often visit our relatives (Jim, Bob, John, Teri, Linda, RaeAnn, Sue, Damon, Lori, Naomi, Samm, Benny, Gary). This little note is to allow the web search engines to index our web site with some of the keywords that appear in our travel images presented here. Notice that I have not mentioned nude or sex related subjects because you won't find them here and that would just be plain false advertizing. Those sitest that use the word sex or nude a lot just to get a lot of search engine hits are disgusting. We do enjoy our iPods, and our TIVO. Newt enjoys riding around on his Segway Personal Transporter. The Segway is used for his photography as well. The Segway is a great tool to save gas, save time and avoid polluting the earth or planet. We also have a webcam that shares our experience with others by using our Netcam webcam to upload tv images to the internet every 3 minutes ( Our Motorhome is our roving home and allows us to travel across the USA and photograph and visit places we would otherwise not get to visit often. I guess our favorite place is Idaho (RedRock RV Park) , with Utah coming in second. Visit our panorama web site at We also have a website at