Sounds and Letters


Sopris West needed to convert a very successful written textbook and teacher instruction on how to read for students at-risk (Sounds and Letters) to an interactive computer program. Someone had done this in the past but it was very buggy and unsatisfactory performance. I redesigned the interface to be more exciting for the age group (7 - 14 years). Since I had no source code for the original program it was a complete re-write. They also wanted it to work on both Macintosh and Windows. I choose Director 8. I used Bryce 4 to model all the screens. I included QTVR panorama models of the backgrounds as "rewards" for program accomplishment. Games were also included. I used the existing sound files, but had to extensively index and identify each one. This was a major program and I completed it within 6 months.


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Screen image Copyrighted by Sopris West