Earth Observatorium, Mission to Planet Earth, STS59 and STS68


Earth Observatorium, Mission to Planet Earth was intended to share with the world the ambitious project of NASA to explore our planet from space. Two shuttle missions were specifically chosen to test imagery and radar equipment (SIR-C) to be used on future satellites and shuttle missions to map Earth from space. There were over 25,000 single images taken by the astronauts in these two missions. I solely financed the production of both of these titles (not including the Shuttle flights) which took almost two years to complete. Astronaut Tom Jones assisted me in obtaining all of the mission photos from NASA. I wanted the CD-ROM to be interesting and informative as well as interactive, thus it was much more than a collection of images. All images were indexed, evaluated by me (25,000) as to quality of the image, and placed in the program. You can search for an image by time of orbit, day, area, country, quality or type of geography. As each image was displayed, cities that appeared in the image were listed. There are movies and text to explain the purpose of the Mission to Planet Earth program. I received nice congradulatory letters from NASA and the astronauts and sold quite a few of these. NASA researchers purchased them also to help them find the visual imagery that matched the radar data taken at the same time.

The program was cross-platform and written in Director making extensive use of LINGO for database and indexing.


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