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We were filmed in September 2005 at the Red Rock RV Park. They were interested in our "hi-tech" RV workplace as full-timers. Including the Segway (featured in the film), Apple Computers, Motosat Internet Antenna, Sony computers, etc.) They also did a segment in the same show on our favorite RV Park, Red Rock RVand Campark Park in Idaho. See that segment here.

This video is about 5 MBytes in size and will be viewed best on a fast internet connection (like DSL or Satellite). The quality is still greatly reduced from the original HD TV format, due to the internet requirements for speed. This movie requires the free QUICKTIME plug-in from Apple Computer. Get it here if you don't have it.

Our Panorama Screensaver <--This is a compiliation of my best panorama images taken as we travel the USA. It's really a great product. Please help fund our RV Cam project so we can keep it going.