Earth Observatorium, Best of the Shuttle Images, Volumes 1 and 2


In connection with my Earth Image Atlas CD-ROM, I also created an interactive index of hi-resolution images that NASA had selected at the time of their Best of the Shuttle Images. This was about 520 images. I was loaned about 70 CD-ROMs by NASA. Since I knew I couldn't possibly sell that many, I reduced the size and format of the images from 5k x 5k TIFF raw images to 2k x 2k JPEG images. I included a few of the higher res images in JPEG format. The index had the thumbnails and screen size images to review and pointed to the appropriate folder on CD-ROM to find the highest res image. The program was written in Director. It sold separately or in a bundle with the Earth Image Atlas and STS59/68 CDs.


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