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Our first year of travel. We traveled through Utah, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, including the Florida Keys. This covers Oct 2001, through March 2002.
We settled for a month in Idaho in July 2002.. We worked, but had some time to visit nearby Yellowstone Nat'l Park. We stayed in a fairly isolated part of Idaho, the nearest large town was 80 miles away. It was peaceful.  
August 2002 through November 2002 we went to California for some Birthday celebrations and a wedding, then back to Colorado for some . We also managed to see Genevieve's performance in "Once upon a Mattress" in Casper, WY.
In November, we stayed in Kanab, Utah. This afforded us a chance to visit a lot of the southwestern parks. Here's a small gallery of the Bryce National Park photos.  
The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument is huge. I spent quite a bit of time there taking photos of the strange geological formations.
Wire Pass Slot Canyon Trail, in Utah. We had seen photos of slot canyons and wanted to visit one. This was short but very strenuous. Several 8 foot drop-offs.  
Canyonlands National Park. Genevieve and I took a 100 mile Jeep trail called the White Rim trail that follows a very beautiful landscape among the canyons. It was extremely narrow, and steep, but was extremely exciting.
Zion National Park was only 30 miles from our RV Park. Zion Canyon is a dramatic example of nature's tireless work to make beauty in nature.
Toroweap Overlook of the Grand Canyon, North Rim is reached via a 65 mile lonely dirt road from highway 389 in Arizona. It is a beautiful trip and about the narrowest and deepest point to view the inner Grand Canyon. I took the trip Thanksgiving Day, 2002.
The most visited site on the North Rim is up a lonely (paved) road on AZ 67. When I visited in early November there were maybe 4 people the whole day! Canyon views were expansive, but not as dramatic as the Toroweap 4,000 foot drop-off!
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Kanab, Utah. It is one of our favorite places now. So close to several National Parks and Monuments and the most interesting geology on the planet. Look at our Photo Gallery to sample a bit of this paradise.
We spent a week at the Lake Powell Nat'l Rec. Area, rented a boat and traveled the large lake for a couple days. Weather was about 45 degrees. We were essentially alone on the Lake for 2 days! Beautiful in Winter.
In March and April, 2003, we stayed in Silent Valley, bought a new RV, stayed in Lake Havasu, AZ, saw the Manhattan Transfer in Las Vegas and headed for Kanab, UT for another month stay. Here's some of our best memories.
In April, May 2003 we stayed in Kanab, UT again and visited some great spots: Toroweap overlook of the Grand Canyon, hiked our local Pugh Canyon and visited the Paria River area where many movies were filmed. Click on the button at left to share our photos.
In June 2003 we were in Island Park, ID at the Red Rocks RV Park, one of our favorite places. I spent a lot of time photographing the area nearby, including the Red Rocks Wildlife Preserve, Yellowstone Nat'l Park, and Island Park.
In July 2003 we traveled from Idaho to Iowa and back to Casper WY, spending some time in Sioux Falls, SD. We visited Mt. Rushmore. We saw Two states for the first time, South Dakota and Iowa. We were pleasantly suprised, but didn't care for the heat.
In August 2003 we headed back to Casper, WY and our daughter Genny traveled with us to Grand Lake, CO for a week of musical theatre and some Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park photography. Then we dropped Genny in Casper for school as we went back to our favorite Idaho spot near Henry's Lake to spend September. First, we spent a week in Thayne, WY and spent a couple days in the Teton Natl Park for photography.
In October we drove to Northern California, and visited family and friends at Clearlake, CA, and Merced. Then we drove to Silent Valley (near Banning) and spent a couple Months. We left after Xmas and went to Lake Havasu, AZ before heading East.
I photographed the International Dance Challenge in Salisbury, NC on April 3rd, 2004.. The kids were a great inspiration to watch.
In January, 2004, we drove across the country to move our daughter to her new college in Boone, NC. We spent time in the SouthEast until end of April, 2004. We were a bit colder than we wanted.
In May 2004, we visited Hanna, our daughter's friend from High School, at Stephens College in Missouri. She was a cast member in the musical "Cabaret". They did a great job! These photos are ones I took at that performance. These are just some of the photos. I took over 130 in hi-res.
Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Montana, May 2004. I photographed this beautiful and peaceful place looking for wildlife. I'll be adding to it as I continue to visit the Refuge and patiently look for wildlife.
In Island Park, ID during May and June of 2004, I was able to spend time photographing the wildflowers I found near our RV Park. There are a considerable number. Most of these can be found in most of the Rocky Mountains. I'll continue to add to this as I find more.
We stayed the entire summer in Island Park, Idaho near Yellowstone Nat'l Park. These many photos are a result of almost 4 months of photography in this area. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. It is an extremely photogenic area.
During our stay in Island Park, Idaho, I visited Yellowstone Nat'l Park a few times. These are some of the photos I took there. For me, Yellowstone is best in off-season (May-early June, and September).
We left Idaho and head to Glacier Nat'l Park, then to Washington, down to Oregon, to Northern California, Yosemite, and finally to Southern California for the Winter.
Lytle Creek FLOOD. In January 2005, we stayed here and were stranded by over 28" of rain in 3 - 4 days. Here are pictures I took of the road damage, and the flooding creek.
Spring came early to California deserts due to the large amount of rain. We left a very wet California in March 2005 and headed East, to stay in our RV clubs across the USA. We visited AZ, TX (Big Bend Nat'l Park), the Gulf of Mexico, Arkansas, Tennessee, arriving at our destination of Salisbury, NC in late April.  
Summer in the hot and humid East Coast. We stayed in NC for 6 weeks. Then travelled north, to SC, VA,NJ,PA,NH,ME, NY and OH. We visited Niagra Falls for the first time. Awesome. .
We were anxious to leave the humid East Coast and get back to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We arrived in Colorado in August, and spent September in Idaho (again), visiting the Tetons, and Yellowstone. Then to Crater Lake, OR and California for the Winter.
While staying at Pharumph, NV I drove to Death Valley National Park. The weather wasn't great for photography, but it was a beautiful place in March 2006. Death Valley
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